Product introduction

Thermal protector products

Performance characteristics:

Overheat protector for automobile compressor is when the temperature exceeds the set temperature limit of automotive air conditioning, disconnect the circuit to protect the compressor from being damaged due to high temperature, when the temperature dropped to set the lower limit of temperature when the circuit is switched on, the normal work of the compressor.


High pressure discharge valve

Performance characteristics:

For overvoltage protection of automobile air conditioning compressor, air conditioning compressor when the pressure is greater than the set upper limit pressure, the valve automatically opens, began to exhaust, protect the compressor from being damaged, when the compressor pressure is less than set the lower limit pressure when the valve is closed automatically, in order to maintain the normal operation of the system of air conditioning.

Company profile

The Jintan China huachen electronic limited company founded in 1995, Constructs for American HCL INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION in China by the electronic primary device primarily production configuration enterprise. Company area 14600M2 , floor space 10,000 M2 , has 6 production lines and the complete set production check-out facilities. Existing staff 80, technical personnel 10. By master's degree student no matter what company's chief engineer. Moreover hires researcher, postgraduate candidate teacher 2, takes the company long-term technical advisor. The company in 2005 through the TS16949 authentication, and had warm controlling and so on six kind of products to obtain the 3C authentication, caused the enterprise the quality control level to get up a stair...

Company's main product for automobile with warm controlling (temperature relay), high-pressured exhaust clock, and automobile oxygen sensor. Mainly for automobile air conditioning and motor car engine necessary, sold 5 million Yuan last year, estimated this year may amount to 8 million Yuan. Temperature and humidity sensitive unit and the measuring appliance are listed as the torch plan project by the national technical department, is evaluated by the Changzhou science and technology bureau the outstanding patent prize. The enterprise separately and in 2004 is saved in 2002 the technical hall to award "the high technology and new technology enterprise". Moreover the automobile oxygen sensor two item of essential components manufactures method is awarded by the country intellectual property rights bureau "the invention patent".

The company is apart from Nanjing international airport 80Km , Shanghai Hongqiao Airport 180Km separately, Changzhou airport 40Km . The highway connects Shanghai and Nanjing line each main city, the transportation is convenient. Zealously welcome everywhere new old customers and the people from all walks of life presence instruction, the discussion cooperation.